Careerbay CIC Get Help from BFGWY to Grow Their Customer Base

Careerbay CIC is an early-stage business helping young people to find high school/college work experience and apprenticeship opportunities in Wakefield, Sheffield and York, based on their interests and location.

They aid employers in recruiting candidates for their apprenticeship opportunities and help schools/colleges to easily find local career opportunities to present to their students.

Daniel Peacock, Founder and CEO said, ‘Being a social enterprise is key to being a genuinely youth-led organisation and serving their interests. It also gives us that stamp of authenticity and credibility when we are speaking with our key employers, schools and colleges. They know as a social enterprise and non-profit that our activities are to aid young people and their access to career development opportunities as much as possible.’

Their impact is measured by the number of visits to their platform from young people, schools and colleges, and the number of employers using our service to promote work experience/apprenticeship opportunities.

They’re also working on developing partnerships with local schools and colleges.

The business generates revenue through advertising and promoting employer opportunities to young people.

‘The best thing about being a CIC is knowing the impact we can have as we grow. Rather than simply increasing profits, the growth of the business expands our potential to support young people in their early careers and allows us to increase the support we can offer as a social enterprise.’

They needed help from BFGWY to:

  • Get both more young people and employers using their website

The help they received was:

  • One-to-one coaching with a BFGWY Enterprise Coach
  • Help to expand their networks, develop local partnerships and access other support
  • Help to apply for a BFGWY Growth and Resilience Grant that will pay for them to work with a Marketing Consultant on expanding their customer base
  • Referral to the Prince’s Trust for further coaching and mentoring from them

Daniel’s Top Tips

  • Do plenty of research – be really clear about why you feel a social enterprise is the best fit compared to other business models, as there are more restrictions and responsibilities. One of the challenges is that it is more difficult to set up than a traditional limited company. You are also held accountable to the CIC regulator and have to fill out a report every year. CICs are generally less understood than other business models, so sometimes as a startup you feel like you have to justify yourself to those who may initially be confused by the concept and wonder why you are not a limited company.
  • Ask yourself – are you driven by serving a community, or are you looking to solve a problem and earn a profit? Do you view your stakeholders as merely customers or do you see them as integral in the development of your business going forward? Also, is your ultimate objective to increase profits, or are you wanting to give back to your stakeholders and improve their wellbeing in the long term?
  • Engage with your target market and focus on addressing their needs as much as possible, creating value in the process. We exist to serve their needs, so it’s vital we listen to them and adapt what we do accordingly.

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