Celebrating Social Enterprise in West Yorkshire: Our Creative Connection

Using Photography for Social Change Across West Yorkshire & Beyond…

‘Photography for social change’

Our Creative Connection is a Company Ltd by guarantee that was founded in March 2021. We are based and operate in Huddersfield but also work across the North of England with projects taking place in Greater Manchester, North Yorkshire and the North East.

The organisation is led by Chris Chinnock who as well as being a Director is also an employee of the organisation where he is responsible for Business Development as well as managing and delivering projects. Dr Will Baldry supports the strategic development of the business in his role as Director while Sophie Michelena and Ruth Ellen Brown are members of the Advisory group that support the Directors bringing their specialist skills and experience to the table.

Our Creative Connection uses Photography for social change. A picture is worth a thousand words. We instantly connect with pictures, from cave paintings to social media, images are a primary means of communication. Seeing what someone else sees is more powerful than being told about it and as a non-verbal form of communication, photography allows people to express what is difficult to put into words.

Photography is a powerful tool that allows people to tell their own story in a way where we can see the world through their eyes. As a visual art form, photography is a highly flexible and accessible tool that crosses cultural and linguistic barriers – providing a powerful way of enhancing any project, evaluation or event.

Our income comes through direct commissions from organisations who are seeking to bring a creative perspective to the work that they do with communities.

Occasionally our work is funded via grants which we apply for in partnership with a host organisation.

As a Social Enterprise, sustainability is important on a Social as well as a Financial level. Social sustainability is about creating value and equality for people. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a globally accepted framework to live sustainably which we have used to frame our own goals.

Good Health and Well Being: As a nonverbal form of communication photography allows people to express what is difficult to put into words and the process of taking photographs can encourage the photographer to be reflective and mindful. Photography doesn’t just ‘tell’ about its subject but also ‘shows’ it, only crossing language / cultural barriers and making it easier to talk about things that we may struggle to find words for. Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes gives the photographer an opportunity to share with the viewer the positive and the negative aspects of their life.

Reduce Inequalities: Enabling people through creative participation to develop confidence, personal and social skills that lead to meaningful, independent and happy lives. By involving people as active participants in creating the change that they wish to see in the world we can support equal access to opportunities in personal and community life as well as in the world of education and work.

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