Introducing Nifty Sustainability CIC – evaluating the Business For Good West Yorkshire Project

Hello!  We are Nifty Sustainability, a Community Interest Company based here in West Yorkshire.  

We bring expertise in research, evaluation, engagement and activism to co-design and co-develop reflective, participatory research in order to create meaningful change.   

We are delighted to be working with TSL Kirklees and partners on the Business for Good West Yorkshire programme.  At the start of 2024, we were commissioned to develop a framework to monitor and evaluate the project, explore its impacts for the participants, reflect on these and report in ways that help support project delivery.  It’s great to be involved from this early stage so reflections and learning can be embedded throughout to strengthen project outcomes.

At Nifty, we emphasise accessibility, equity and inclusion in all we do, and our values of kindness, empowerment, inclusivity, curiosity and generous learning underpin our work and allow us to truly add value to the projects with which we are involved. The focus on delivering support for alternative businesses across West Yorkshire, is really exciting for us, not least because we are a West Yorkshire based social enterprise ourselves, so it’s great to be able to bring our experiences to evaluate a project so clearly aligned with our values. 

This is also an amazing opportunity for us to hear about the work of other inspiring businesses for good in our region.  Whether you are a coach, a business leader or a start-up, there will be opportunities to get involved in the evaluation at different stages of the project so watch this space!  If you’d like to know more or have any comments or questions feel free to get in touch on  


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