Participate Profile

Who are you?

Participate supports the social ideas of individuals and organisations, so they can grow, flourish and create lasting change. We do this through coaching, providing skills and resources, and helping people to focus on solutions to their challenges they face.

We support people to start new socially focussed organisations, help existing social businesses to grow and work with young people to help them start social action programmes. We also engage the private sector to work in their community and support social ideas. 

Each year we support the start of dozens of new social ventures, engage hundreds of business volunteers, work with over two hundred young people to help them establish their own community ideas and lever significant investment into Bradford’s social economy.  Participate is a registered Charity, established in Bradford in 2012. 


Why do you like working in the alternative business sector?

Being surrounded by people who live and share the same values is really important to us all. We get to meet the most incredible people, exchange ideas, hear voices, learn and grow. Every day is an inspiration. It’s not always easy working in our sector, resources can be tight and leaders can burn out, but working with people who care passionately about their communities, the planet and its people is what keeps us going!


Give us an example of a success you have had recently

Impact Gamers CIC


Why did you want to be involved in BfGWY?

Registrations of ‘alternative business’ structures are growing significantly and proportionally more than other business structures; yet investment in support for these organisations remains low compared to traditional business models. We are finding more young people who are passionate about business, but also want to address pressing issues of the environment, diversity and social justice – they have deep commitments to making a positive impact and want to create authentic ethical brands. So for us, supporting people in this space makes absolute sense. 

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